Championing Our Services

Legislator Flu Shots

Two of our most exciting and hand-on programs involve local pharmacists and field team leaders administering flu shots to legislators and their staff  and participating in legislator-hosted community fairs throughout  the year.

Last flu season, 175 officials received a Walgreens flu shot – that's 175 more legislators who know what it means to champion everyone's right to be happy and healthy. Flu shots are administered at community health fairs, conferences, Capitol Hill during American Pharmacists Month. 

When a legislator receives a flu shot from a Walgreens Pharmacist, it builds trust and this one-on-one connection goes a long way toward making pharmacy-friendly legislation a reality.

Community Health Fairs

Last year, 40 legislators hosted local health fairs to provide health resources to their constituents. During these events our pharmacists provide blood pressure checks, Medicare Part D information, and additional health and wellness advice. Community health fairs are another way to better serve our patients and customers in the community.

Has your store been asked to participate in a legislator's fair? We encourage you to coordinate with the Government Relations team. Please contact us by clicking here.


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